Superior Moisture Resistance
TRILITE will not rot nor physically deteriorate. It is also highly resistant to the effects of moisture. It arborbs moisture and retains its full strength upon drying without affecting the long-term performance of the board.
Chemically Stable
Boards are produced from natural, inorganic raw materials and the chemical reaction is irreversible, resulting in a chemically stable board that is hard yet flexible – a strong board that maintains its strength over time yet is easy to finish.
Good Thermal Properties
TRILITE boards has less ability to transmit heat and can be an efficient thermal insulant. The rated thermal conductivity of the boards are less than 0.139 W/mK.
Resistant to Climatic Conditions
Tested to many cycles of soaking, freezing, heeting (freeze/thaw test method). The board showed no signs of cracking, crumbling, nor any form of disintegration. For applications within normal specifications, the life span of the board is limited only by the durability of the supporting structures and the materials used in fixing.
Dimensionally Stable
Heat Exposure Deformation Rate: <2%
Moisture Exposure Expansion Rate: <0.09%
Moisture Effect Deformation Rate: <0.3%
Fire-rated, Non Combustible
Tested to BS 476 Part 4 (Non-Combustible)
Tested to BS BS 476 Part 7 (CLASS 1)
Tested to EN-ISO 1716 & EN-ISO 1182 (Class A1)
Tested to BS 476 Part 22 (2 hours fire-rated) in steel and timber structure, 120 minutes for integrity and insulation.
Easy to Work
TRILITE has excellent workability that can be cut, drilled, sanded and can be manipulated without the use of specialized equipment. Cost-effective and saves installation time and money.
No Hazardous Materials
Tested to NIOSH 9002 100% Formaldehyde Free as tested to ISO 14184-1 Non toxic, free from carcinogeric substances and any harmful substance to human health.
Resistant to Vermin & Termite Attack
Unlike Plywood or other wood-based boards that harbor insects, mildews, molds, fungi and bacteria, Trilite maintains the beauty, cleanliness and healthy surroundings of your particular application.
Superior Sound Insulation
As your reference, the average rate of noise reduction between the frequencies of 100 Hz to 8000 Hz is 38dB for a partition of 93mm thickness with 9mm on each face. For higher sound insulation values, we recommend the user to apply higher density and thicker core of mineral wool, rockwool or glassfibre wool in the cavity and leave a gap for sound transmission inside the core of the partition or ceiling system.
Green & Sustainable
TRILITE RMS board is a “low tech” and “energy friendly” product it is non-toxic. CO2 is high on the list of “greenhouse” gases, which are said to contribute to the global warming. Our production process is simple, energy efficient, and produces extremely few “greenhouse” gases. This aspect of our board as ‘green’/eco-friendly product, indicates a bright future. Unlike, for example, the gypsum based drywalls that produce thousands of tons of green house gases annually in the manufacturing and drying process, RMS board is naturally dried and cured with no chemicals or heating, eliminating the power intensive drying process. Magnesium Oxide, one of the main ingredient in the boards covers over 8% of the earth’s surface so the product is very sustainable too. An environmentally friendly construction material manufactured from naturally occurring minerals.
NO organic solvents
NO Oil
NO Toxic ingredients
NO heavy metal salts
NO Asbestos
NO formaldehyde emission