Ludox Plus LTT is founded in 2016.
Ludox Plus LTT is a construction company. Our product is a building board made up of natural minerals. Ludox construction boards do not harm human health.


We help build builders with fireproof buildings and houses, providing a refractory building plan. We do not look too far into the past, but we have focused our eyes on and gained experience in the future. As a result, we have upgraded our range of products mainly in the form of refractory, soundproof, moisture and mold-repellant construction board !

The mission

We mainly deal with project-based sales, and we are importing high quality prodacts  to the customer and  taking into account the wishes and needs of our clients. We appreciate the high quality of the product and offer it to our customers.


We value human health and fire-safe solutions. With Ludox construction boards, it’s possible to keep construction costs lower and save builders’ time under construction.
Our value is to find a solution tailored to your needs through professional advising the client. It is important for us that the end result would be a pleasure for the customer, because we can only enjoy ourselves. Through our activities, we try to combine professionalism, quality and ingenuity so that the end result can be rewarding for everyone.